Submit Channel

TubeShift is currently accepting a limited number of channels during the alpha test. If you are a channel owner and would like your channel in the TubeShift system or you are an audience member of a channel we would love to hear from you. When making your submission please keep the following in mind:

  • TubeShift only accepts official channels for publishers. The submission must include enough information for the TubeShift team to confirm that each channel is owned by the publisher. TubeShift does not drive traffic to pirated copies or unofficial versions of videos and never will.
  • The submission must include a link to at least the YouTube channel and one of the supported video websites. Your submission can include a channel on an unsupported video website but that will be used only as a suggestion for adding the video website as a supported video platform in the future.

If you've got your list of channels ready and you are sure that we can validate the authenticity of them then send an email to [email protected]