Browser Extension

How It Works

Watch YouTube Normally

When the algorithm suggests a video you can't resist or your friend sends you a link right to a YouTube video you really must watch TubeShift is looking for other places the video might be.

Use The Force

TubeShift sits in your browser toolbar and if the same video is known about from another video website TubeShift will show you by turning red, white and blue.

Prepare To Shift

Clicking on the TubeShift icon will show you the other places the video has been found. You'll even get a thumbnail of the videos so you can make sure it is exactly the same video you are looking at now.

Same Thing, Less YouTube

TubeShift only shows you official alternates of videos so you don't have to worry about fakes, low quality pirated copies, or spam. The highest quality video websites are supported by TubeShift so you don't have to watch a blocky mess either.

Nothing to Hide

No Spying

TubeShift respects your privacy and does not spy on you. During operation anonymous information about videos you are watching is sent to the TubeShift servers but only the bare minimum information is sent that allows TubeShift to function at all.

No Advertising

TubeShift does not advertise to you and your anonymous information is never sold to anyone else.

See For Yourself

The TubeShift Extension is an open-source software project so you can look and check for yourself that TubeShift does not spy on you. The packages that are sent to the browser extension stores are identical to the open-source version and you can verify that yourself too.


Click on the logo for your browser to start installing the TubeShift Alpha Test or you can also use the Chrome Web Store, Edge Add-Ons, or Mozilla Add-Ons websites.

TubeShift is also an open-source project hosted on Github and can be run from the repository or from release zip files.

Test It Out

After you have installed the TubeShift browser extension you can test it out with these YouTube videos:

Vitus Bering and the European Discovery of Alaska

It wasn’t until the 18th century that Russia decided to explore their Pacific coast, sending a Danish explorer to map the furthest reaches of their dominion, and determine whether or not Asia and the Americas were connected. That Danish explorer’s name was very nearly lost to history, and while you might recognize his name today, you probably have never heard his story.

EEVblog 1383 - Human Battery Energy Harvesting BUSTED

It's peltier thermoelectric generator TEG time again! This time the University of Colorado Boulder claim to have a new flexible TEG device you can stick on your skin that can power wearable and Internet of Things devices. It's The Matrix! and the media are lapping it up. Can your body generate enough power for a smart watch or internet of things gadget? Dave runs the numbers...


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