Auto-shifting TubeShift

Howdy TubeShift users,

As I'm quite positive all the FireFox users noticed TubeShift was running an experiment with automatically sending users to an alternative video when it is available. This was done because from the server logs it looks like people were not noticing the notifications when they were available. A feature request had come in for automatic redirect to an alternate video when one is available and after asking some users about the feature it sounded desireable.

An initial version went out to FireFox only a few days ago and some improvements were made pretty quickly after. Unfortunately though this is very difficult to get right! So I have decided to leave the auto-shift feature present but disabled by default. If you would like to try out the auto-shift feature you can enable it by going into the TubeShift preferences and clicking the checkbox called "Auto-Shift From" for YouTube in the platform configuration matrix.

A part of implementing the auto-shift feature included two other features I think are going to be a big help. First the visual overlay is now animated which makes it quite a bit more eye catching. I think this will help a lot with people not seeing notifications about an alternate being available. The second feature that was implemented is allowing the users to control the sort order of the alternatives when more than one is available. Both of these features are still available and I think are very good improvements.

TubeShift version 0.0.17 will focus on improving communication to users especially in the realm of when new features are added and how to configure them. I'll also continue to work on improving auto-shifting.