Watch Less YouTube

Resist Censorship

The Internet was made so everyone can freely communicate but YouTube wants to control the information you have access to.

Resist Big Tech

Even if a YouTube video is removed, blocked, or set with an age requirement TubeShift can still show you other places to view it.

Resist Centralization

Never put your eggs in one basket. TubeShift helps you easily find an alternative to YouTube for the video you are watching.

Punished For Telling the Truth

Publishers like Eric July have been punished by YouTube for giving out facts about the Coronavirus. Less popular channels don't win appeals.

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Ditch Big Tech

There are video websites besides YouTube. Your favorite channels may already be using them and you just don't know about it yet.

Prepare to Shift

The TubeShift browser extension informs you about alternative places you can find the exact same video you are watching in YouTube. All you have to do is use YouTube normally and if an alternative is known TubeShift will give you a visual notification. After that watching the video somewhere else is only a click away.

Even if a YouTube video has been removed because of censorship or protest from the original publisher TubeShift might still be able to show you other places it can be watched.

Install browser extension

Free download for Brave, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

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You can show your support for TubeShift and getting rid of big tech by buying a shirt, mug or some other merchandise from the AltFinder Spreadshirt Store.