Watch Less YouTube

Ditch Big Tech

Resist Big Tech

The Internet was made so everyone can freely communicate but YouTube wants to control the information you have access to.

Resist Censorship

Even if a YouTube video is removed, blocked, or set with an age requirement TubeShift can still show you other places to view it.

Resist Centralization

Never put your eggs in one basket. TubeShift helps you easily find an alternative to YouTube for the video you are watching.

Punished For Telling the Truth

Publishers like Eric July have been punished by YouTube for giving out facts about the Coronavirus. Less popular channels don't win appeals.

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How It Works

Watch YouTube Normally

When the algorithm suggests a video you can't resist or your friend sends you a link right to a YouTube video you really must watch TubeShift is looking for other places the video might be.

Use The Force

TubeShift sits in your browser toolbar and if the same video is known about from another video website TubeShift will show you by turning red, white and blue.

Prepare To Shift

Clicking on the TubeShift icon will show you the other places the video has been found. You'll even get a thumbnail of the videos so you can make sure it is exactly the same video you are looking at now.

Same Thing, Less YouTube

TubeShift only shows you official alternates of videos so you don't have to worry about fakes, low quality pirated copies, or spam. The highest quality video websites are supported by TubeShift so you don't have to watch a blocky mess either.

Video Platforms

Install Alpha Test

Click on the logo for your browser to start installing the TubeShift Alpha Test. You can also use

Test Drive

After you have installed the TubeShift browser extension you can test it out with these YouTube videos:

Vitus Bering and the European Discovery of Alaska

It wasn’t until the 18th century that Russia decided to explore their Pacific coast, sending a Danish explorer to map the furthest reaches of their dominion, and determine whether or not Asia and the Americas were connected. That Danish explorer’s name was very nearly lost to history, and while you might recognize his name today, you probably have never heard his story.

EEVblog 1383 - Human Battery Energy Harvesting BUSTED

It's peltier thermoelectric generator TEG time again! This time the University of Colorado Boulder claim to have a new flexible TEG device you can stick on your skin that can power wearable and Internet of Things devices. It's The Matrix! and the media are lapping it up. Can your body generate enough power for a smart watch or internet of things gadget? Dave runs the numbers...

Submit Channel

TubeShift is currently accepting a limited number of channels during the alpha test. If you are a channel owner and would like your channel in the TubeShift system or you are an audience member of a channel we would love to hear from you. When making your submission please keep the following in mind:

  • TubeShift only accepts official channels for publishers. The submission must include enough information for the TubeShift team to confirm that each channel is owned by the publisher. TubeShift does not drive traffic to pirated copies or unofficial versions of videos and never will.

  • The submission must include a link to at least the YouTube channel and one of the supported video websites. Your submission can include a channel on an unsupported video website but that will be used only as a suggestion for adding the video website as a supported video platform in the future.

If you've got your list of channels ready and you are sure that we can validate the authenticity of them then send an email to [email protected]ife


TubeShift does not rely on advertising to fund itself, it does not charge the users or the publishers, and there are no plans to do so. Generating revenue off of TubeShift was never the point.

There are real costs associated with running the TubeShift servers and creating any piece of technology is a very time consuming activity. If you find TubeShift useful or if you would like to support the team in their quest to return free speech to the Internet then please donate.

Your funds will go to covering the costs of the servers and help us get closer to our goals of creating technology to support free speech. We would love to be able to put all of our effort into supporting free speech and publishers under threat of censorship.

Your support is greatly appreciated!


You can show your support for TubeShift and getting rid of big tech by buying a shirt, mug or some other merchandise from the AltFinder Spreadshirt Store.